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UEM Qual 4 at Tierp Arena
Saturday, June 11, 2011 - 3:52 PM
UEM Supertwin qualifying session 4 (left lane first)
Jaska Salakari 6.6967/317.65 bye Harri Piensalmi shut off
- Matti Vähäsaari 8.3544/241.29 bye
- Ulf Nylen 7.0893/324.13, Asko Määttä 11.2941/224.72
- Samu Kemppainen no time, Trond Høiberget 8.1567/221.04
- Roman Sixta 7.5137/293.93, Vidar Ravnsborg 7.2689/280.52
- Petri Mattsson 7.2530/288.46, Job Heezen 6.9933/329.87
- Greger Johansson 10.1389/139.53, Hans Olav Olstad 6.8230/316.53
- Jan Sturla Hegre 6.6104/337.29, Per Bengtsson 6.6100/327.47
- Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.5506/347.49, Lorenz Stäuble 7.0063/285.56
- Christian Jäger 10.6462/157.94, Mark Ashelford 6.6321/353.40

Great run for Jaska after some concern from his crew around the motor on the start line. 1.143 to sixty, 4.338/294.44 to the eighth, alot of smoke from the motor all the way down but obviously not a problem. We now have the quickest ever bump spot in EuropeanSupertwin. Harri shut off after the burnout.

1.150 to sixty for Matti, very close to the centre line and having to feather the throttle

5.151to the eighth. Asko's bike was spewing unburnt fuel from the exhaust. New PB for Ulf I think, 1.156 to sixty, 4.664/258.13 to the eighth,up the ladder but not quite enough.

Big bang from Samu's motor at the hit, small bits of metal on the track. 1.259 to sixty for Trond'sbike but then it started to run out of power towards half track and the motor note got more and more quiet.

1.284 to sixty for Roman,1.201 for Vidar, Vidar had the much better eighth 4.695 to 4.931, both improved but both watching tomorrow.

Job in the Last ChanceSaloon going into his pair with Petri and they wouldn't let him buy a drink in there, the bike sounded lazy (or as lazy as a 6.9 can be).1.220 for Petri to Job's 1.185, 4.715 at the eighth to Job's 4.607, Job a spectator on Sunday.

Close to sixty feet for Greger and Hans Olav, 1.149 for Greger to Hans Olav's 1.147, Greger shut it off whilst Hans Olav stayed on it, 4.473 at the eighth to Greger's off thethrottle 5.261.

Fantastic pair between Jan Sturla and Per, side by side all the way, 1.099 to sixty for Jan Sturla to 1.149 for Per,4.299/275.51 at the eighth for Jan Sturla and 4.325/309.46 for Per, both move up the ladder.

Svein Olav oulled out the big one when it mattered. 1.151 to sixty and 4.338/289.86 at the eighth, smoke from the motor in ths shutdown area but track clear. 1.148 to sixty forLo, 4.420/265.10, shut off in the second half.

Christian's rear tyre went up in smoke off the line, 1.279 to sixty but shut it off before theeighth. 1.187 to sixty for Mark, 4.408/285.56 at the eighth, an improvement but stayed in place.

Qualifying after this session:
1. Christian Jäger 6.5053/348.61
2. Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.5506/347.49
3. Per Bengtsson 6.6100/327.47
4. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.6104/337.29
5. Mark Ashelford 6.6321/353.40
6. Lorenz Stäuble 6.6590/340.48
7. Jaska Salakari 6.6967/317.65
8. Hans Olav Olstad 6.7965/331.09
--- DNQ ---
9. Job Heezen 6.9392/334.78
10. Ulf Nylén 7.0893/324.13
11. Petri Matsson 7.2530/288.46
12. Greger Johansson 7.2596/317.65
13. Vidar Ravsborg 7.2689/280.52
14. Roman Sixta 7.5137/293.93
15. Trond Høiberget 7.6507/284.81
16. Matti Vähäsaari 8.3544/241.29
17. Samu Kemppainen 8.6296/307.69
18. Martijn de Haas 8.8721/184.55
19. Asko Määttä 10.1650/213.35
20. Harri Piensalmi 19.3942/91.62

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