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UEM Qual 2 at Tierp Arena
Saturday, June 11, 2011 - 12:50 PM

UEM Supertwin qualifying session 2 (left lane first)

-Asko Määttä 10.1650/213.35,
-Ulf Nylén 8.9359/169.01, Vidar Ravsborg 7.6023/294.76;
-Petri Matsson 7.5094/299.50, MattiVähäsaari 10.6318/131.29;
-Svein Olav Rolfstad 7.3508/276.50, Trond Høiberget 9.0363/172.91;
-Samu Kemppainen no time bye;
-HarriPiensalmi shut off, Job Heezen 6.9392/334.78 bye;
- Lorens Stäuble 6.6590/340.48 bye;
-Roman Sixta 7.6993/294.92, Martijn de Haas8.8721/184.55;
-Greger Johansson 7.3835/272.31, Per Bengtsson 6.8769/326.48;
-Jan Sturla Hegre 6.7987/327.47, Mark Ashelford6.6452/343.29;
-Christian Jäger 7.4344/249.42, Hans Olav Olstad 6.9577/318.77


1.507 to sixty for Asko, then some hesitation from the motor and the bike headed right, shut off before half track.

1.190 to sixty for Ulf,the bike moving around, he was off the throttle at about half track. 1.162 to sixty for Vidar, 4.802/222.49 at the eighth.

1.159 to sixty forMatti to Patri's 1.226, 4,907/239.57 to the eighth for Petri as Matti got very close to the centre line and had to shut it off.

1.108 to sixtyfor Svein Olav to Trond's 1.228, Svein Olav's Bike then started to fishtail and Svein Olav had to feather the throttle a couple of timesbut was getting back on it whether the bike liked it or not. 4.887/272.04 to the eighth and a puff of smoke from the motor at about1200 feet. Trond shut off just before half track 5.145/202.25.

Samu's tyre hazed and the motor banged, stoped by the guardrail about900 feet out.

Harri shut off after the burnout so Job took the bye. 1.171 to sixty and 4.5647/265.36 at the eighth, another six-secondpass and into the ladder.

Lo's bike sounded reluctant to burn out, would it hurt? No! Great pass. 1.157 to sixty feet, front wheel up foran age riding on a cushion of nitro flame. 4.380/282.87 to the eighth, up to second spot.

Martijn's run good for one spot although shutoff early. 1.337 to sixty for Roman but the motor sounded rough in the second half and Roman shut off.

1.155 to 1.193 sixty foot inGreger's favour, his front end thumped down hard and the bike headed for the guardrail and he had to feather the throttle in thesecond half. 4.557/275.23 at the eighth for Per to Greger's 4.596/241.50.

Fantastic runs from Jan and Mark, 1.125 to sixty for JanSturla to Mark's 1.194, Mark had the better sixty foot 4.401/283.76 to 4.418/268.92 and took over second.

1.109 to sixty for Christianand 1.193 for Hans Olav, Christian's tyre started to haze at about 400 feet and he had to feather the throttle but still 4.729/257.14 atthe eighth, 4.607/274.53 at the eighth for Hans Olav.

Qualifying after this session:

1. Christian Jäger 6.5928/349.29
2. Mark Ashelford 6.6452/343.29
3. Lorenz Stäuble 6.6590/340.48
4. Jan Sturla Hegre 6.7150/334.57
5. Hans Olav Olstad 6.8010/335.83
6. Per Bengtsson 6.8769/326.48
7. Job Heezen 6.9392/334.78
8. Greger Johansson 7.2596/317.65

9. Svein Olav Rolfstad 7.3508/276.50
10. Petri Matsson 7.5094/299.50
11. Vidar Ravsborg 7.6023/294.76
12. Roman Sixta 7.6398/286.17
13. Martijn de Haas 8.8721/184.55
14. Ulf Nylén 8.9359/169.01
15. Trond Høiberget 9.0363/172.91
16. Asko Määttä 10.1650/213.35
17. Matti Vähäsaari 10.6318/131.29
18. Jaska Salakari 17.2689/68.28
19. Harri Piensalmi 19.3942/91.62

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